About Project fo2wordml

The goal of this project is complete translation of Formatting Objects to the format WordML. Both formats are XML formats and they are used to describe how the document looks on the output.

Formatting Objects are the second half of the Extensible Stylesheet Languague (XSL), which was created by consorcium W3C.

Format WordML is format created by Microsoft corp., which is used by Microsoft Word 2003.

Main advantage of this project for users is that they can interactively alter the result document in Microsoft Word 2003.

The result of this project is XSLT stylesheet which translates document written in formatting objects into document written in WordML format.

How to use the stylesheet

Microsoft Word 2003 (Professional Edition) can automatically apply XSLT stylesheet on opened XML document and display the result of the transformation. In order to use this feature you must provide MS Word with XML schema of Formatting Objects and with the fo2wordml stylesheet. In the menu Tools you find menu Templates (I'm not sure by the English names of menu. Correction from users with English version of Office are welcomed) and there you must click on the bookmark XML Schema. Then click on the button Add Schema and select the file fo.xsd that is part of fo2wordml distribution.

Now you must add XSL stylesheet to this XML schema. Click on Schema Library button. Select the Schema you added in the previous step and then click on the button Add Solution and write the path to the file fo2wordml.xsl. Now the stylesheet will be automaticly used while opening XML document which contains Formatting objects.


You can download the stylesheet and the XML schema of formatting objects here.


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